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The YouTube Secret Weapon video tutorial is about how to get more TARGETED views to your YouTube videos so that you can have increased targeted traffic both to your videos AND to your other online content. Attract YouTube audiences who will TAKE ACTION by heading over to your blog or website — or who may even BUY something from you so you can finally make some money online! — released by Video Marketing professionals Julie Perry and Paul Colligan (author of “The Business Podcasting Bible”), YouTube Secret Weapon takes YouTube Video Opitimization to a NEW LEVEL.

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NOTE: The YouTube Secret Weapon training has nothing to do with these black-hat methods you see employed by all the YouTube SPAMMERS who are using automated bots and phony IP addresses to add FAKE views to their YouTube videos.

Rather, this is about getting REAL views from REAL YouTube Viewers.

Regarding how to get more views and video plays on YouTube:

* * What would be the point of getting a bunch of FAKE views on YouTube ? * * This does nothing for you, your videos, the YouTube community… nor does it affect your ability to MAKE MONEY online!!

YouTube Secret Weapon is for SERIOUS and PROFESSIONAL Internet Marketers and MLMers who are looking to optimize their YouTube videos and gain more targeted YouTube traffic. Get the YouTube Secret Weapon strategies to WORK FOR YOU so that you also get your videos turning up in the Google Universal Search (GUS) Results (also known as blended search).

Get more views on your YouTube videos and increase your targeted video traffic through the LEGITIMATE video optimization and video marketing / SEO strategies taught in YouTube Secret Weapon.

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How To Get More YouTube Video Views, Boost Traffic, and Gain More Targeted Audience Viewers on YouTube thru this video optimization (SEO) and video marketing Tutorial!

How to get more hits on YouTube with “Youtube Secret Weapon” – brought to you by Julie Perry and Paul Colligan. Recommended by Internet Marketing Multi-Millionaire, SEO Expert, and Co-Founder of StomperNet, Brad Fallon

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