Web Development / SEO

Website Development

Despite the fact that we are living and working in a digital age, only 26% of businesses have a company website. While many factors enter into this, the reality is that those not using an online presence as an effective tool in their marketing arsenal are leaving money on the table. Having a website that projects the image you want for your company, that can be found by your potential customers, that helps to increase sales and referrals is the goal.

Our professional website developers will work to create an appealing AND effective website complete with all of the components to maximize its sales potential. Domain name registration, keyword research, directory profile set up, content population and search engine optimization through a myriad of other related tasks will be completed to get your new website indexed and found by the major search engines so your customers can find your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
And while we’re on the topic of “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO, this subject alone could fill volumes. Rather than listing all of the assorted details of what is working TODAY with the major search engines, let’s just say that a major service we provide is ensuring that the tactics we employ to get them ranked and keep their rankings high work with the current preferred practices and are not obsolete. These tasks are critical in ensuring that all of the online efforts incorporated are not wasted on the sites not being found by the audience they are intended for.

Recent “Updates” and new “Tools” introduced by Google, the largest search engine on the planet have rendered traditional SEO tactics obsolete and potentially dangerous for a website’s ranking. We will determine the objectives of the website, and incorporate the appropriate search engine optimization strategies based upon keyword ranking objectives, on and off-page optimization, and ensure that all current approved strategies are incorporated into a comprehensive campaign.