Social Media Consulting

As a busy executive, your day is spent running your business. Let us develop the social profiles that will best suit your business goals on various Social Media Network Sites such as: Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

We’ll manage your online presence and social profiles to ensure you are maximizing these opportunities for exposure and recognition. We can offer a variety of other online tools to enhance your Social Media presence online. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and customize a solution.

Facebook Page Development: We’re sure that you know about Facebook, but what you might not know is how powerful this platform can be to grow your customer base. It’s not just for college kids! In fact, the largest growing demographic using Facebook are women between the ages of 35-64.

We’ll develop your business presence, create the appropriate marketing messages in the images and tabs available, post relevant messages, images, videos,etc. and begin to build your fan base.

Advertising on this very targeted platform is another option that can be discussed, budgeted for and implemented.
Ongoing management of your business page is available to ensure that platform changes are kept updated and growth is continued.

Twitter Profile Development: For many businesses, Twitter is an effective social media authority building tool. While the actual number of active Twitter accounts varies depending upon the source, the numbers range from 460,000 to over 700,000. Using Twitter’s large population to gather leads, build loyal customers and to sing your company’s praises has the potential to be very effective in adding to your bottom line. Your company’s great reputation is critical in any arena. Do you know what your customers are saying about you online? A branded Twitter page and following will be developed and maintained.

LinkedIn Profile Development: LinkedIn is one of social media’s most powerful platforms for reaching out to potential customers or employers. The network is designed for use by professionals looking to network with others in their related fields, to profile their career accomplishments, highlight their achievements or to recruit for their business. Communicating with potential clients, partners or employees on this network elevates your level of professionalism, allows for ongoing participation within the groups available in most fields and is a great way to gain introductions to those of influence in your field that you may not normally have access to.

Pinterest Profile Development: One of the newest but extremely effective traffic driving social media sites is Pinterest. This site relies on visual references to topics related to your “brand”. We would create a Pinterest profile for you, build appropriate “boards” on the site, and populate them will images that your customers or clients would be interested in seeing. This is a creative way to show off your personality, the various qualities of your products or services, build your personal brand by imparting relatable images to your audience and to drive traffic to your main sales website. We have specialized tools to enhance the images “Pinned” to your boards, that will help them stand out from your competition’s!

Populating the boards on a regular basis to grow your following is again an important factor in using this social media network.

We can discuss the advantages of adding videos to your Pinterest boards as another powerful way to drive traffic to your sales site.

YouTube: YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine on the planet. As it has been acquired by Google, it is also a critical part of any online marketing strategy. Using video as a media to communicate your professional message and persona to your potential customers is one of the most effective methods available today. Allowing your potential customers to learn about your products or services by watching videos professionally produced and uploaded onto a branded YouTube channel is an easy way to build trust in your business.

We will set up a channel for your business, brand it to be consistent with your graphics, contact information, etc. and populate it with videos either provided by you or that we can help you shoot and produce.

Monthly maintenance includes adding videos to further your message and build your brand. New, relevant information should be added frequently to grow your subscriptions and aid in rankings, therefore we will discuss the number of videos to be produced and pricing will be according to the volume of videos we will be involved with producing.