Mobile Marketing

One of the fastest growing areas of online and viral marketing is in the mobile marketing arena. We know that the majority of the population of the U.S. and other developed markets have smart phones with them all the time. Having access to your customer base with the opportunity to give them “timely” offers wherever they may be gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

Providing your customers with an easy to navigate mobile ready website, with all relevant information and easy methods to contact you while they are not sitting at a computer is fast becoming the” new normal” way to engage with your customer base. It is imperative that a business who wants to remain open and grow in today’s technologically engaged environment be incorporating mobile marketing into their overall strategies.

The first thing to be developed so that your mobile marketing program will be successful is to create a properly optimized mobile website for your business. Whether you are a brick and mortar location, or a service professional, having an optimized mobile presence is critical for business success in today’s world. We will create and optimize a professional mobile website, host it and manage it so that your customers can find you wherever they may be.

Maintaining the website and keeping it relevant with updated information is critical as well.
We have a number of mobile marketing packages available for your consideration beginning with a Local Starter package:

Local Starter package may include:

  • Claim local listings pages
  • Set up tracking
  • Tracking phone number
  • Coupon set up
  • Initial directory submissions
  • Link to YouTube video

We recommend that a monthly maintenance package be included as well so we can ensure that the components that have been initiated are used to their full potential, whether it is a starter package, or a more comprehensive mobile campaign.

A monthly maintenance package for the Local Starter service would include:

  • Tracking of results
  • Monthly reviews and citations
  • Change out of coupons

An upgrade to this basic package would be our Mobile Starter package which may include:

  • Mobile enabled site
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile SMS system
  • Mobile landing page
  • QR code(s)

Monthly maintenance of the Mobile Starter service would include:

  • Monthly ad management
  • Change out Mobile landing page content
  • Track results
  • Add 2 SMS messages monthly
  • List management

These are merely a couple of examples of the type of mobile services available. We would be happy to discuss other mobile options with you as well to determine what would best suit your business goals.