Kim Bresden, CEO

Kim Bresden,    CEO

Kim Bresden, CEO of White Sands Pro Media.

Kim Bresden, Founder & CEO of White Sands Pro Media

Author of the newly released: “Are You Mobile Yet?”

Originally from Canada, I have lived in the beautiful Napa Valley in California for 13 years now. Yes, I’m a transplanted Canuck, although my paternal grandfather was American so it seems like I’ve come home. I also hate to be cold, (unless I’m skiing) and I’ve always felt it was a cruel joke of nature that I was born in a very cold part of that country. California is a much nicer alternative for now….

I have enjoyed a successful career as an Interior Designer for 27 years, and I still practice for clients I adore. I maintain a continued love of design and creativity, however in 2010 I had an urge to tackle something new. Maybe it was a partial mid-life crisis, maybe it was something in the wine here, but I felt the need for some personal and professional growth.

The recent economic downturn afforded me an opportunity to return to my pre-design, sales and marketing roots. It soon became very apparent to me that consumers had developed different attitudes toward traditional marketing messages and techniques and I was intrigued to more fully explore this apparent evolution in consumer behavior.

I decided to embrace the challenge of flexing my creative marketing “muscles”, integrating them with new technologies and tools being adopted by shoppers. Creating new branding and messaging that would help struggling businesses keep their doors open and also experience growth sounded like a great way to spend my time. As an entrepreneur who has struggled occasionally, I know how hard it is to both run and market a business, especially with all of the technology prevalent in our society today.

Although I still do on occasion help clients with the design of their space, now I help them re-design their current business and marketing plan, their message and how they communicate with existing and potential customers so they can actually attain the goals they have set for themselves and their business.

My business has also evolved over time, and my initial focus on Social Media has grown to advising clients about fully integrating current and emerging technologies, effective messaging , multiple channels of communication working well today, as well as what will be critical to their success in the future. The changes I see coming so inspired me to action, that I’ve recently written and published a book about the importance of incorporating Mobile marketing technology and strategies into marketing plans as consumers becomes more detached from their desktop computers.

While I love my business, I also love my husband, my son who is away at college, my two grown step-kids, my dog, my two cats and a bunch of other stuff too. I’m a mermaid wanna-be and really feel best when I’m near, in or under the ocean ( unfortunately my gills haven’t come in yet, so I still need a scuba tank).

I named both my Marketing and my Interior Design companies “White Sands” to remind me every day of my goal of retiring on a beach… my “why”. I hope to someday set up a Sea Turtle Sanctuary in the Caribbean and have begun those efforts while I’m still here in sunny California.

Please allow me to tell you more about us!