SMX Social Media Marketing 2012

Paid. Earned. Owned. Master social media marketing at SMX Social Media Marketing.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Successful social media marketing means sorting through opportunities, demonstrating results to management, and juggling your limited time and resources.

Whether you’re managing communities or buying social media advertising, SMX Social Media Marketing is your conference. You’ll be inspired by experts, meet others with your challenges, and leave confident you’ll excel in this fast-paced environment. Click here to register.

SMX Social Media Marketing 2012<

Social Fresh WEST

Social Fresh WEST is a well-oiled machine of a conference; with a tightly packed schedule of 30-minute sessions and no panels, the conference is less about spectacle than group participatory learning. The conference features a host of marketing professionals from top companies like Citi, Cisco and Hershey’s, and since there are no panels, each company will host its own half-hour long session. Since the conference is structured for efficiency, they’ll deliver only their best content, and you’ll feel like every minute counts. Click here to register. Use promo code MASHABLE for $100 off!


Social Fresh WEST

2012 Wine Bloggers’ Conference

Wine bloggers and wine makers from all across North America come together in Portland for learning, connecting and of course wine tasting. This premiere event builds on past successes and brings you a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the intersection of wine with the world of new media including blogging, social media and more. For more information click here.


2012 Wine Bloggers' Conference

2012 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

The ANA Digital & Social Media Conference will be a must-attend event for anyone who is trying to navigate their brands through this ever-changing media landscape. Digital media has become a part of consumer’s daily lives and they have become accustomed to viewing content and connecting with people wherever and whenever they want. Social media and viral videos have especially exploded in the last few years. Despite this rapid growth, clients have many questions and their issues include measurement, agency selection, internal org structure, and relinquishing control to the consumer while trying to influence the dialogue. For more information click here.

The Corporate Social Media Summit

The Corporate Social Media Summit is back for its second year, offering you ‘the’ conference designed for the corporate. We promise to help you advance your engagement strategies, exceed ROI expectation, and discover where social media going in 2012 and beyond… with exclusive case studies from ‘front line’ Social Media practitioners, including: eBay, Expedia, 24 Hour Fitness, Walgreens and many more. Click here to learn more!


The Corporate Social Media Summit