Mobile marketing for small business…Can I afford it?

I keep reading that there are now ways for small businesses to tap into mobile. In fact, I read that everywhere.

Does anyone know of any good sources of info about that?

It’s STUNNING what small businesses can now do using mobile.

You can literally get the most targeted new visitors to your site and get them for
less than 10 cents a piece using some very simple mobile platforms.

Here’s a great article about the whole massive new way small businesses are
getting FAR more business with mobile marketing…

Best of luck!

Google+ to Facebook: “We’re Delighted to Be Underestimated” [VIDEO]

A Google executive has fired back at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s dismissive claim that Google+ is Google’s “own little version of Facebook.”

Google+ was one of several topics Zuckerberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and PBS’s Charlie Rose discussed in an in-depth interview that aired Monday evening.

Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product at Google+ and one of those most heavily involved in Google+’s development, responded to Zuckerberg’s belittling assertion in an interview with Bloomberg TV later that evening.

“We are delighted to be underestimated,” he said. “It’s served us very well to date.” Read more…

Why Content Marketing Is King

When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s business-to-business entrepreneur.
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Video Advertising – Video Marketing

With VidShout you can create, display, and distribute search engine optimized commercial videos in a snap.

VidShout offers a revolutionary online video marketing platform that allows you to easily create video ads using our video wizard or upload your own videos. Our online video advertising system will take your video commercials and shout them all across the web to multiple video portals, premier sites, directories, social networks, shopping comparison sites and more. With the VidShout system, your videos are sure to be seen helping you increase your brand awareness and of course close more sales.

VidShout is video advertising made easy.

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Poll: How effective has mobile marketing been for you?

Mobile marketing is the process of using an application to set up campaigns based on demographics of customers. Sending out promotional, viral and competition text messages to the appropriate people.

mobile marketing is set to be the next big thing- it is more effective than any other type of marketing because it is so personal, ie if you receive a text message, you are bound to read it, even if just out of curiosity. However, it is only effective (and legal) if you have opted in to receive these messages (otherwise it is spam). This system is currently being tried out in shopping centres- imagine walking past a store and receiving a text message informing you of a special offer. Marketing doesn’t get any better than that!