Why You Need to Add this Book to Your Marketing Library.

Marketing your products and services to consumers today requires integrating
traditional methods and leveraging technology to reach them on multiple channels.
Having your message available to your prospects and customers when and where they
are searching is key. Both are now critical to the health and growth of your business.
Accomplishing this doesn’t have to be scary, but you do have to have a plan!

I wrote this book to help business owners develop that plan by introducing some
mobile marketing fundamentals, some basic terminologies and techniques to consider.
Determining your ideal customer, determining how to best reach them and crafting your
message for maximum results are all discussed within its pages.

In addition to these, you should use this book to:
– learn what mobile marketing is
– learn why mobile marketing is CRITICAL for your business today
– learn about different opportunities in mobile marketing
– learn about current trends and how to make them work for you
– learn recent statistics relevant to your business now
– find resources you can use to develop and grow your mobile strategies