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With VidShout you can create, display, and distribute search engine optimized commercial videos in a snap.

VidShout offers a revolutionary online video marketing platform that allows you to easily create video ads using our video wizard or upload your own videos. Our online video advertising system will take your video commercials and shout them all across the web to multiple video portals, premier sites, directories, social networks, shopping comparison sites and more. With the VidShout system, your videos are sure to be seen helping you increase your brand awareness and of course close more sales.

VidShout is video advertising made easy.

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Poll: How effective has mobile marketing been for you?

Mobile marketing is the process of using an application to set up campaigns based on demographics of customers. Sending out promotional, viral and competition text messages to the appropriate people.

mobile marketing is set to be the next big thing- it is more effective than any other type of marketing because it is so personal, ie if you receive a text message, you are bound to read it, even if just out of curiosity. However, it is only effective (and legal) if you have opted in to receive these messages (otherwise it is spam). This system is currently being tried out in shopping centres- imagine walking past a store and receiving a text message informing you of a special offer. Marketing doesn’t get any better than that!

Pin It to Win It: The Business Case for Pinterest

I know, I know. You don’t have time for an alternate social network. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t chat up Pinterest, as this image-centric social network is now an amazing spot for businesses to:

  • Meet new customers
  • Boost website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive sales activity
  • So let’s go over the reason why this visual social network so cool—and so effective as an effective marketing tool.

    Visually pleasing! Less whining!

    Instead of being a platform for tedious updates of what people ate for breakfast or ALL CAPS rants from your bizarre uncle, Pinterest is about bringing people together who have common preferences, whether it’s fashion, art, food, crafts, architecture, photography, cocktail recipes, interior name it. Copyblogger contributor Beth Hayden sums up Pinterest very well with this quote: “Pinterest is visually appealing, positive, and unlike Facebook, there isn’t any whining.” Can I get an amen?!

    Why marketers are so jazzed about Pinterest

    For starters, the website is wildly popular. Last year, in a five month span, Pinterest rocketed to a jaw-dropping 10 million users. No one was expecting it. Even social media watchers were caught off guard. Practically overnight Pinterest became a MAJOR driver of website traffic. Get this: Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google and LinkedIn—combined. Here’s one more thing: users love Pinterest. They can’t get enough of it. It’s addictive. As per comScore data Pinterest users average 89 minutes per month on the site and Google users average just 3 minutes per month.

    So what?

    Now let’s tackle one of the most important questions: Why would businesses care about Pinterest? It’s really quite simple. For one thing, it’s a great, noninvasive strategy to meet potential customers who share an interest in what you have to offer. This built-in permission can help you easily build rapport and make new relationships with buyers within your target market. Secondly, companies are already having great results using the site to showcase their goods and services, stay top of mind and drive traffic. Just create an account. You’ll see all kinds of businesses engaging with their customers:

  • Florists
  • Farmers markets
  • Furniture makers
  • Fly fishing guides
  • Fitness clubs
  • Fashion consultants
  • The list is just about endless.

    Ready, set, pin!

    I can hear the gears turning in your head … you’re thinking of reasons why you ought to ignore Pinterest, aren’t you? Businesses tend to think of reasons why they shouldn’t use social media. They don’t get involved because they don’t think they have a natural place in a particular network. Look, folks, if a plumbing franchise in Waco, Texas makes Pinterest help their business, you can too! Don’t sell yourself short.

    Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction.

    Why Use Social Media to Promote and Grow your Business?

    Because quite frankly, if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on potential customers!!! AND… if you are not using social media to promote your brand, you can bet your competition is!

    A few of the big myths circulating around the business world such as: “social media is just a fad and won’t be around long,” “it’s just something that kids use to talk to each other online,” and “social media doesn’t work for brick and mortar businesses,” continue to be debunked as the use of social media for business grows.

    We know that some larger companies realized the potential for the use of social media to enhance their advertising some time ago. For instance, if you watch television advertising, more and more often you will now see somewhere in their ad the phrases: “follow us on Twitter” or “look for us on Facebook.” This is proof that while still using some traditional methods to promote themselves, these companies have realized how powerful these social media sites are for building followers of their product or service and for enhancing their advertising campaign.

    The facts are that social media has revolutionized traditional marketing, and if you are not using some form of social media as part of you marketing plan, you are missing out on potential business.

    While using social media platforms has indeed allowed people to connect personally on many different sites, many of these also have the ability to be used very effectively to promote a business. The critical issue here is using the correct social media platforms for your business, and using them correctly! By hiring a Social Media Management company, you will have a professional guiding you through this amazing landscape, so that you can avoid being overwhelmed and can achieve your goals.

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