The Agriculture Industry Goes Social

The marriage of agriculture and social media likely conjures up images of crop seeding on Farmville, but socially savvy agribusinesses are proving that the connection runs much deeper than the popular Zynga game. A 2011 study by the American Farm Bureau Federation revealed that of the 98% of farmers and ranchers ages 18 to 25 who have internet access, 76% of them use social media.

Sure, agribusiness often gets a bad rep for being “behind the times,” but that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, agribusinesses have embraced social media as a channel that is revolutionizing both B2B and B2C communications for the industry. Read more…

Social Fresh WEST

Social Fresh WEST is a well-oiled machine of a conference; with a tightly packed schedule of 30-minute sessions and no panels, the conference is less about spectacle than group participatory learning. The conference features a host of marketing professionals from top companies like Citi, Cisco and Hershey’s, and since there are no panels, each company will host its own half-hour long session. Since the conference is structured for efficiency, they’ll deliver only their best content, and you’ll feel like every minute counts. Click here to register. Use promo code MASHABLE for $100 off!


Social Fresh WEST

For Brand Engagement, Visuals Rule [INFOGRAPHIC]

What was the last thing you shared on the web? There’s a good chance it was either a photo or a video. And increasingly, that shareable content is originating from brands.

Companies are quickly learning that visual media is one of the most effective ways to share their stories. In a study of the top 10 brands on Facebook, users liked photos twice as often as text updates. And they shared videos 12 times more than photo and text posts combined.

The world’s biggest social media properties have quickly made visual content a huge priority, often designing or re-designing their entire platforms to nurture such media. Pinterest proved that stunning visuals generate monumental engagement, and YouTube continues to produce hoards of original content in response to user demand.

Brands, take note.

M Booth partnered with social analytics company SimplyMeasure to measure engagement data and produce the following infographic. M Booth recently released Framed, a storytelling tool that helps brands create visual content to engage their digital communities. Read more…

Updated Facebook Messenger Likes Smileys, Hearts And Other Emoji

Just over a day after updating its official iOS client with better speed and performance, Facebook has also updated Facebook Messenger with a number of improvements.

Facebook Messenger is the popular social networking site’s standalone messaging app optimized for iPhone. It lets you send messages to a select group of Facebook friends or start a private conversation with just one.

One clear advantage of using the app is that you get to have access to Facebook’s messaging capabilities on your iDevice as well as on your computer. Also, since it’s an app dedicated to messaging, said access is made easier than in the main Facebook iOS app.

To be sure, this most recent update to Facebook Messenger pales in comparison to the app’s last couple of updates. Through those updates, such useful enhancements as read receipts and in-app notifications were introduced to the app.

That is not to say, though, that this current update is by no means useful.

Aside from bringing the obligatory bug fixes and an improved “new message” sound, the new version of Facebook Messenger delivers several new features.

Facebook Messenger now supports the insertion of smileys, hearts, and other emoji in messages. Just tap the plus button to access the app’s collection of special symbols.

Also in the new version of Facebook Messenger, clicking your friend’s name at the top of your conversation lets you view his or her Facebook Timeline. As well, the app now allows you to see who’s active, letting you and your friends know how soon to expect a reply.

The new version of Facebook Messenger is available now in the App Store, and it’s free.

Let’s hope the next version of Facebook Messenger finally brings native iPad support and video chat, among others.

By Aldrin Calimlim for AppAdvice

Email Beats Search and Social for Cart and Conversion

Email, Search and Social Media — think of them as three sisters in the Marketing family.

Social Media is the young one. She’s always on trend. She’s popular and has lots of friends. She’s the one you turn to when you’re looking to have some fun.

Search is the middle sister. She’s not as flashy as her little sister, but she’s plenty popular and she’s reliable. Well, as long as you make it worth her while, then she’ll help you get the job done.

Email, she’s the older, wiser sister. She’s not as popular as her younger siblings, but she puts in a good days work and if you approach her right, she’ll surprise you.

Now, if you’re really good at what you do, you can romance all three sisters and benefit from the unique reach and point of view of each one. But if you find yourself spending too much time with only one, particularly the young one, you might find yourself out of pocket with little to show for it in return. Read more…