QR Marketing Extends to Business Cards


Today’s most important marketing trends – social media, search engine optimization and email, among others – have allowed small businesses to compete with large companies on a level previously thought impossible.

No longer does a massive advertising budget that determines market share, as effective social media, backlinking and search engine strategies can deliver unrivalled brand exposure for almost no cost.

However, small businesses are beginning to embrace a new marketing innovation that has the power to bridge the gap between the print and online worlds: quick-response codes.

In fact, last week, Mobio reported a 1,200 percent surge in QR barcode scans from July to December of 2010.

While these small devices can be printed and scanned on a range of materials including t-shirts, billboards and product labels, it is the use of them on business cards that has many professionals excited.

For example, the Korean tech firm Youhost announced this week that it has developed a QR product that provides a link to a professional’s homepage when his or her business card is scanned.

“Youhost expects QR business cards will gain wide popularity as it eliminates the need to exchange business cards or contact information, and goes a step further to provide a link to the person’s mobile homepage,” writes Jang Gil-su for Electronic Times Internet.

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