5 Services to Boost Email Productivity

By Adam Popescu

Two hours and 14 minutes. That’s how long on average it takes for workers to sift through the stacks of email they get every single day. When you break down the eight-hour work day, that comes out to more than 25% of “work time” spent on digital correspondence. Despite being hailed by modern man as one of the greatest cultural innovations there is, email is the second most time consuming activity for the workforce, as reported by a 2012 study by McKinsey Global Institute and International Data Corp.

If your inbox is regularly filled with junk like notes from e-commerce companies slinging discounts, email lists you don’t even realize you’re on and don’t have the time or patience to opt out of, and even soft phishing messages from Nigerian scambaiters urging you to collect your cash winnings, you feel this pain. With the average corporate email user sending and receiving more than 100 emails a day, according to the technology marketing firm Radicati Group, that’s a lot of time hitting delete. Time that could be spent on other things. Busy professionals barely have time to respond to all of their messages, let alone have the patience to scan and delete the crap clogging up the pipes. Time waits for no man, and a cluttered, unkempt inbox is the death of productivity. Read more…

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