Luvocracy: Pinterest for People Who Actually Want to Buy Stuff

By Samantha Murphy, Tech Reporter for

People flock to Pinterest to collect and keep track of inspirations, whether they’re recipes to cook, destinations to visit or clothes to wear. But there’s a promising new social network with a similar model focused less on dreaming and more on shopping.

San Francisco-based startup Luvocracy, which launched quietly this fall in beta, is based around the concept that we buy products more when they are recommended by others. And since 92% of consumers trust word of mouth over any form of advertising, according to Nielsen, it’s a smart strategy for a company to embrace.

Here’s how the site works: Similar to pinning on Pinterest, users can collect looks and products (from beauty products to tech gadgets) and tack them to boards. They can also repin products from friends, brands and tastemakers, which Luvocracy defines as bloggers, editors and stylists.

Meanwhile, when members comes across items on the web from any retailer — from Macy’s to Etsy — that they want to post to a board, they can do so via the downloadable Luvocracy plug-in. Read more…

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