Supermarkets Add Mobile to the Shopping List

Grocery shopping seems like a great fit for mobile because it enables consumers to always have a shopping list and coupons handy on their smartphones. However, while supermarkets have moved slowly into mobile so far, there are signs this is beginning to change.

The number of grocery retailers with a mobile presence increased 110 percent in the first half of 2012 as these merchants, according to MyWebGrocer. While the increase is off of a small base and many of these are tests, more grocery retailers are expected to jump into mobile this year and next.

“There’s been huge growth this year in grocery retailers building a mobile presence for the first time,” said Rebecca Roose, senior product marketing manager at MyWebGrocer, Winooski, VT. “We noticed a big spike in Q1 2012 – there’s been a 110 percent increase in grocery retailers with a mobile presence year-to-date over 2011, and that’s just in the past six months.

“Most supermarkets have not adopted a mobile presence yet and the majority of those who do have the basic mobile features,” she said. Read more…

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