Why your business should be incorporating Mobile Marketing strategies into your marketing plan

By Kim Bresden, CEO & Founder of White Sands Pro Media

There are a number of reasons why your business should be incorporating Mobile Marketing strategies into your marketing plan…

  • ► 91% of Americans have mobile phones
  • ► Over 20% of those (around 45 million people) have Internet capability
  • ► Over 152 BILLION mobile text messages are sent each and every month
  • ► 90% of text messages are opened and read within one minute of being received (compare that to how you treat the emails in your inbox…)

Mobile marketing gives you the ability to reach your customers wherever they are ( with their permission, of course).

Analysts predict that by 2015, 51% of traffic to websites will come from mobile devices rather than from personal computers, 51%!

68% of consumers visit merchants after they search for them on mobile devices, and 53% of them purchase after searching.

These are just a sampling of statistics that should help you understand that you to be including mobile marketing as one of the tools supporting your business and its continued growth.

If you think that YOUR business is DIFFERENT, and that mobile won’t work for you, be content to get left behind. These numbers are growing daily and the trend is continuing upward.

After all, what 3 things does everyone take with them when they leave the house?

  • 1. Wallet / purse
  • 2. Keys
  • 3. PHONE!!!

If you are not sure how to incorporate mobile strategies into your business, contact us and we’ll help you embrace the future! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, and profitable…

To see a demonstration, visit our mobile marketing website at www.MobileMarketingNapa.com

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