Companies to Fill Over 90 Percent of Jobs through Social Media in 2014

Efficiency, job performance, fit and retention are key attributes recruiters strive to find when looking to hire for any position. Employers in many fields are finding it difficult to fill positions due to not only a lack of applicant competency, but also a lack of applicants.

Turning to social media, businesses in 2014 have posted 92% of openings on social sites including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. According to a study done by iCMS, an employment software company, approximately 51% of these openings have been posted on Twitter, however many job seekers have been hesitant to respond to jobs posted on this site due to a lack of confidence in the reality of the position.

Not only do companies and recruiters look to social media sites for prospective applicants, but about 50% of them also look to Facebook and/or Twitter to find additional information about these applicants beyond their resumes. Social media allows employers to see the type of online presence an applicant has.

Ultimately, job seekers that aren’t “LinkedIn” to social media in one way or another, may want reconsider.

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