Featured Article: How Search Results Will Change With “Search + Your World”

By Kim Bresden

I’ve been reading a number of industry statistics lately indicating that a little more than two-thirds of smartphone users search online daily using their mobile devices. These numbers have been steadily rising as mobile search becomes more mainstream. With this growth, the challenge for retailers and marketers alike has become ensuring that their websites render effectively on smartphones.

Not only is it becoming more imperative to have a mobile ready website, but also that the mobile site has been fully optimized. For example, is your mobile site clear and easy for your customers to navigate? Is your call to action and opt-in or contact form easily filled out by interested prospects? If not your business is going to be leaving valuable prospects looking elsewhere, and you will be losing revenue.

Make sure that your marketing team has created a “mobile ready” website for your business, allowing you to take advantage of these changes in technology and the opportunities to connect with your customers they provide.

If you would like more information about the advantages offered through mobile marketing, just include your contact information and we will follow up with you right away.

Kim Bresden is the CEO and Founder of White Sands Pro Media, a Social Media, Online, Video, and Mobile Marketing company located in Napa, CA.

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