Featured Article: Another Google Update…

By Kim Bresden

As part of the introduction as to what our company does when meeting a potential client, one of the main points I have to make is how important it is for our clients that we stay on top of the latest changes occurring in the online world.

Knowing what is relevant to the major search engines “today” is probably the greatest service we can offer, as adjusting their marketing strategies to stay current is a integral part of those strategies getting them results.

Here is a perfect example of what I mean…

I was notified yesterday of yet another major update from Google. With their recent launch of “Search + your World,” the largest search engine on the planet is now going to be adding personal search results into your public search listings. The biggest stumbling block for many brands is that this will only factor in your “Google+” social information, and not include Facebook and Twitter results. The take away here is that many businesses and brands have yet to develop a Google+ brand page, and have been relying on Facebook and Twitter, obviously larger and longer established social networks to spread their message. With this recent update, the effectiveness of these two platforms is going to be somewhat diminished in terms of building search rankings.

The impact on Brands is that the traditional spots traditionally held on a search page may now be showing personalized social mentions, not only the business listings that we are used to seeing. And these social mentions, while they may be from you as the owner of the business, using your business Google + page, may be harder for viewers to determine where the result is from.

While these mentions may be adding more authority and social trust to the results, they do not add relevance. If for instance I am searching for an “online marketing consultant” and the search results show social mentions from an online marketer as opposed to the listing for their business, the user will have to click on those social mentions, visit the Google+ page for that mention and get search information about the business there.

The result is that this is essentially forcing businesses to build a Google+ page and use them similarly to their website. Brands will need to optimize their pages and get them in front of as many influencers on this platform as possible to build their social mentions. It will also require including main keywords into their Google+ posts to get found in search results. Just remember, no spamming!
Being relevant, prolific and well-liked by influencers, (meaning that your posts are shared a lot), is also going to be important for local search as well.

We will be paying close attention to “Search+ your World” as it rolls out more extensively. In the meantime, get your Google+ page done for your business and start posting to it.

Kim Bresden is the CEO and Founder of White Sands Pro Media, a Social Media, Online, Video, and Mobile Marketing company located in Napa, CA.

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