Social Media for Charity

Social media networks are shaping a new era in the online community. The number of visitors and subscribers are increasing tremendously as we speak. A perfect example of the success of the social networks was Facebook’s increase in the number of visits by 50% during the last year.

The reason behind the success of these websites is due to the human touch they add to the digital world . Everybody is looking for old buddies from school , a friend they haven’t seen for a while or even get to know new people in their same profession or share the same passion .

Many charities and fundraisers have realized the unbeatable effect of social media as compared to any other online or offline marketing tool. Many have started to build their own websites and started to build social presence in the major social sites , build groups , post articles and become active members in these sites.

“Too poor to donate? Digg to help sick kids! Let’s raise Awareness!” caught my attention while I was using a social media site . This charity project used digg to promote their Christmas campaign for gift donations for sick children. They were asking for the visitor help to digg their post to reach as many people as they can and a generous contribution will be appreciated .

On Facebook you can easily find hundreds of charities building their groups to raise awareness of the visitors and invite them to contribute. These groups are at finger tips away from you , All what you need to do is search the groups for charity or fundraising and then the decision is up to you.

Social websites were also built with the sole intention of funding charities and raising the awareness of online visitors of the importance of the social contribution to the success of any charity project. Squidoo is a social network that came to existence with thoughtful understanding of the commitment of any business to their community while maintaining the limit of profits to maintain their on going activities. They provide a mutual interest for the visitors and the charity projects. Squidoo enables anyone to build a page on a subject that they have passion about ,write as many pages as they like, then Squidoo uses advertising on these pages. The revenue is these advertisements is shared between the page creator and a charity project. They also offer the choice of donating all your income to the charity you choose from a list of charities that they sponsor.

Donations are the back bone of any charity and fundraising which originate from the social contribution to the mission and the work of the volunteers dedicating their time and effort to its success. No doubt that social media networks made it easier for them to reach people at the ease of their homes. They can easily add a smile on a sleepy face feeling that they did their dues to the society.

Chuck W

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