Free SMS, the Revolution in Mobile Permission Marketing

Communication plays a vital role in Marketing. Till today we have seen newspapers, magazines, television, radio, hording, road shows and Internet as major marketing communication tools. In addition the wireless communication has given new gift to the advertising the Mobile Marketing.

At 2006 the people spend less time in front of TV and the advertisers are looking for new screens to get to their target public. Everybody has a mobile phone in the pocket, using this new technology to send interesting, useful and targeted content to an individual’s personal mobile phone is the most powerful form of direct marketing available.

The marketing mobile has the advantage of:

Short lead times and immediacy respond

Cost effective personalised communication

Ongoing 1 to 1 relationships

Automated data capture and compliance

Direct revenue and uplift opportunities

The most popular application in mobile phone are the SMS. 83% of people with cellular send and received any SMS each day, 94% of SMS are ‘read’ by the receptor, which helps explain the high levels of response and brand impact.

The best performing campaigns, the study reveals outstanding results as follows: 46% response (of any type), 27% Reply to a message, 19% visit a web site, 15% Visit a store. The average campaign delivers 15% response (of any type), which is more than twice the average other industry reports have given for direct mail (sources: Gartner, DMIS).

The wireless carriers say the risk of losing customers is a strong incentive to keep down the marketing noise. It is illegal for carriers to sell phone numbers to telemarketers. By law, carriers are not allowed to divulge information on a subscriber’s location unless that individual gives permission.

One idea being floated by carriers and advertisers is to offer consumers incentives if they agree to receive ads in theirs mobile phones. Some websites, like, allow you to send free SMS, since the advertisers can ads targeting and relevance advertiser in the SMS that the people send to the family or friends.

Send free SMS from Internet is quicker to type the messages using a keyboard than it is to tap away at a tiny keypad, even with predictive texting, typing a text on your cellphone takes too long. Above all, think Free SMS is free.

The advertisement ads in a free SMS interacting with people on an immediate, tangible and personal level, as well as becoming part of an extended shared experience:

connect to the mobile generation on their own terms

creativity and technology combine to entertain and inform

send desirable content direct to an individual’s mobile

build new style reciprocal relationships with consumers

These are two key success factors necessary for a successful SMS mobile marketing campaign: you need Permission of the people that received the SMS and a planning the campaign, common mistakes are:

Targeting wrong audience with wrong offer/message

Poor targeting and relevance

Not identifying the sender

No personalisation

Poor copywriting and typos

Messages sent out at wrong time

Not allowing recipient to unsubscribe

Inability for systems/customer service, to handle responses

According to one estimate, in 2006 text – based services formed a Rs 1000 millions industry, approximately 30 per cent of the value-added services market. Over the next five years, it estimated that text-based services would grow at a compound annual growth rate of 47 per cent to reach Rs 7200 millions in 2010.

Mobile marketing is highly personalised, interactive and has an immediate impact.

The most attractive features of SMS messages are instant, direct and fast. The success factors of a Mobile marketing campaign:

It’s an important and effective marketing medium

The User experience is more important than the technology

Be creative with your campaign

Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS) applies

Plan ahead so you get it right

To Send Free SMS Visit

Javier Paez

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