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As is the case with other technical innovations that seemed to have evolved only in the last ten years or so, the mobile phone is here and it certainly has made our lives easier and in many ways. Yet the innovation of the mobile phone and the freedom to communicate and to be communicated with, when and where you want comes with a price. The need to be especially aware of the many tricks and “scams” surrounding this life changing technology. These scams have been set in place by less than scrupulous companies who see mobile phones as a worthwhile nice to earn an extra few pounds, usually on the back of the innocent, the gullible and the trusting.

The mobile phone has become such a major part of our lives these days, as well as our culture. And it is only natural that we all try and to stamp a little piece of our personal identity on our phones. Such is the dynamism of the industry that many companies are now offer free personalized ring tones, so that when your phone rings, it will sound different from everyone else. Sound innocent enough, but many unscrupulous companies mask their free offer with concurring charges that can go on for extended periods and with no way of getting out of the contract, and “free” very quickly becomes expensive.

Owning a mobile phone for teenagers is a very important issue indeed. Someone who doesn’t have their own mobile stands a very fair chance of being socially ostracized, and not spending a lot of time sending SMS messages is also considered “cool”. Once again there are scam artists in waiting for our young and not so young SMS freaks. They spam mobile phones with offers of a wide range of once in a life time opportunities, that generally turn out to be fake. As in life, so with mobile phones.
Nothing in life is free except the birds and the trees, and “a once in a life time opportunity” is best to be ignored.

This is especially true when a subscriber is contacted by a mobile phone service provider, usually not so well known, offering considerably reduced rates usually backed up with the temptation of this month’s most recent model of mobile phone. Blinded by the thought, many users make a verbal commitment without digging too deep into the repercussions of what they are essentially committing themselves for.

After the excitement of getting used to the wonders of their new phone has died down, they suddenly discover that their mobile phone charges are considerably higher, and they have made an unwitting commitment to the service provider for a longer period than they intended.
Whilst this form of marketing is not illegal, it is at best unethical and should be steered well clear of. We all like the chance to get something new which is ostensibly “free”.

Someone who is regarded as being responsible enough to own their own mobile phone should take the time every now and again to find out where they stand with their service provider. If they want to upgrade their phone, they should do so through them, or with another provider who they are aware of. That way they will be able to make any decisions regarding the mobile phone of their dreams without too much pressure, l reducing the chances of being caught in any of the many traps they can fall into.

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