Understanding the benefits of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing, also called m-commerce, is a modern way to target customers via their mobile phones. From a database of mobile numbers, you can send people short texts about your product, with the option of replying via a simple mobile short-code to find out more, or even make a purchase.

Mobile marketing has all sorts of benefits over other types of e commerce, for example relying on website traffic. Such as:

1. It is relatively low cost. Even if you use a mobile marketing company and specialised payment options, it still works out cheaper than other advertising options.

2. It benefits from modern technology. PCs and laptops are expensive items, and more and more people are purchasing Smartphones over new laptops. This means potential customers effectively have a PC in their pockets – with instant access from your marketing alerts wherever they go. Even a basic mobile phone can send and receive texts, which is all you need to be in business.

3. Mobile marketing targets the customer. If someone has to Google for your product, anything may happen; they may give up, they may browse and then not buy, they may buy from a competitor who is higher up the Google rankings. But with mobile marketing the seller contacts the customer with a test alert, which 9 out of 10 users will open, out of curiosity. If your product looks interesting, you’re 80% of the way to making a sale.

4. Mobile marketing relies on the moment. M-commerce is ideal for low-priced goods and services, which people generally buy on impulse. What could be more impulsive than a text alert?

We at MPP Global have a full range of mobile marketing solutions to suit every size and type of business.


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