Use Video Marketing to Enhance Your Online Image

Today the fast Internet download times make it easier than ever for Internet marketers to use video presentations to promote their websites. All you need is a talking head, a camera, some video editing software and access to the Internet.

You can make a short video with a digital video camera, or a simple web cam, or even on your cell phone. Next you can edit it on your computer and upload it to the Internet. Video sharing websites such as have made the process of uploading and sharing video clips something that is easy for anybody to do.

The beauty of all this is that once you have invested in the equipment (camera, computer, editing software, Internet connection) there is virtually no other expense. YouTube, for example, is free to join and lets its members upload their video clips free of charge.

At its most basic, all you have to do is point your camera at your face, switch on the camera and start talking! This approach to marketing is both cheap and effective. The simple, informal “talking head” type of presentation is exactly the style that some of the top Internet marketers use to promote their businesses on video. If you are not sure what you should do or say, all you need to do is to head over to and start viewing Internet marketing videos to get some good ideas for your own presentation.

But before you zoom off to YouTube, here are a few tips to get you started on your viral video marketing career…

1. Keep your video clip SHORT and Dynamic!

You can say in just three or four minutes what it would take several hundred words to explain. However, you must stay very focused if you are to keep your audience’s attention. Keep them entertained by all means, give them some useful information and above all make it dynamic.

2. Don’t Beat About The Bush: Use Repetition To Good Effect.

Do not beat about the bush or go round in circles or keep repeating what you have just said ad infinitum.

Stay in control of your information. Let people know that you will tell them something important later on to keep them watching, by all means, but do not string out or pad out your presentation just to keep them dangling. People do not dangle on the Internet – unless you hook them in fast, they disappear!

So, save the repetitions for your summing up in the last 30-60 seconds of the video. Use the summing up section to repeat the important points clearly and concisely. By all means repeat website and email addresses clearly at the end of your presentation.

3. Take advantage of the viral potential of video sharing.

The beauty of using videos to promote your business on the Internet is their viral marketing potential. Videos can be easily embedded into blogs, websites, and social networking sites. Links to videos can also be sent by e-mail or posted as syndicated web content on RSS feeds. If your video clip packs a punch you may well find it spreading your message across the Internet like a virtual virus.

4. SEO Your Video!

Make sure you optimize your video clip for the search engines. When you upload a video to video sharing sites like you can add some text information such as the title of your video, a brief description of the video content, and some meta tags. Be sure to include some keywords in those fields so as to get your video registered on text-based search engines.

You can include keywords in the URL for the video to help the video search engines locate it.

Much more could be said on the subject, but if you follow these four simple steps you will be well on your way to becoming an expert “talking head” and viral video marketer.

Darrell Howell

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